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I just stated getting these

Verizon bill has extra charges from 3rd party companies


You were reading a complaint about ENHANCED SERVICES BILLING.

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I have been getting charged an extra 14.99 for the first time last months on my verizon bill. The charges appear on the last page of the bill, the "enhanced services" portion. I NEVER signed up for these services...and have repeatedly asked Verizon to remove them from my bill.

Verizon's customer service people do their best to apologize, but it never gets fixed, and I keep getting this service on my bill...with an amount past due. Despite all of my compaints and threats to cancel, Verizon cannot or will not seem to do anything about this.

These companies AND Verizon should pay for what they are doing. Imagine all of the customers who are unknowingly paying this fee every month. I can't believe our government won't do anything about this.

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I have the same problem with Verizon. They refused to remove the 3rd party billing ($9.99/month) for a service I did not ask for nor use.

I asked for my money back but they said there was nothing I could do about it. On my third attempt I told them I was going to cancel my account with them, then they offered to block 3rd party billing on my 4 phones. Well they won't get the chance to screw me again... Cricket has a prepaid month to month program with no 3rd party billing and only $40/MONTH FOR UNLIMITED TALK, TEXT, PICTURES AND VIDEO.

Just take your business elsewhere.

You don't need Verizon. I thought their customer service was pathic!

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